Day 7


My energies feel split into two this day.  The old and the new are both tugging at me with reckless strength and I feel…. torn.  I feel divided, and that is usually during my moments of weakness.  This was a new feeling that I was experiencing, though.  This was a tug of war, but both positions were those of strength.  Strength of old pulling at me like it hasn’t in…. decades.  It’s something that I’ve kept secret until now and I am choosing to expose to others.  There’s strength in that.

And then, there’s this.  Part of the new strength.  It is a part of my renewed hunger for words, and I’d be a fool to ignore it.  It would be foolish and dangerous indeed.  I turned my back to my own words before and I am not planning on doing so again.  I know I need to keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing yet again until I break through and my part becomes part of me instead.  I know it takes time to learn and I’m the infant yet again, re-learning how to walk and talk and do more than one thing at the same time.  I must learn to combine both strengths and allow them to propel me forward.    

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