Day 5

Much Needed Rest

It is normal to equate loss of energy with something tragic or something foreboding.  Experiences like that are not called trials for no reason.  And after such trials rest is not only welcomed, but also necessary.  Many times, it is lost on us that there is almost as much lost energy in good and happy times.  Most people forget that it takes as much energy to build as it takes to destroy.  They forget because building is a happy time and that supersedes the loss.

A recharge of sorts is needed here as well.  A mental one even more so than the physical, and those take even longer.  Isolation is a very good way to recharge the mind. Although hard to come by, clearing your mind from any future projects and obligations can help a lot in rebuilding stamina.  It’s a mantra of sorts.  Rewards of meditation without meditating.  Today was a very good day… not for doing something, but for doing nothing.    

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