Day 3


What a whirlwind of a day and what a maelstrom of a night.  The climate was heavy throughout, and my resolve was bouncing up and down like a rudderless boat in a storm.  How can so much good and so much bad fit in one day?  It all started so good.  Sleep, calm, company of loved friends.  Even someone that I looked up to offered to help me…  me…  And things were good.  Too bad the story didn’t end there.

Late in the dark, things got dark.  Demons I had thought sleeping recovered and haunted me again.  Fear and uncertainty mixed in the Devil’s bowl along with anxiety.  Things were bleak again.  I have been here before.  On the verge of falling back in the void.  But no more.  I will not let things affect me like they have before.  No.  More

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