Day 28

Dare to Dream

I don’t know what possessed me.  I usually am not the type of person that counts their chickens before they hatch as the saying goes.  I do look to the future, but with great care and trepidation about what’s to come and not about what might happen.  It’s a trait that’s served me well in this world of quick rejection.  For a person that has lived by wearing their heart on their sleeve, this is really my only method of defense.

Don’t get this wrong.  What I say does not mean that I don’t dream big or think of things far in the future.  Of course, I do.  I just don’t keep expectations and I don’t make demands, and there’s obvious reasons for that.  There’s too much uncertainty in going in with expectations so more times than not, it’s a waste of energy.  So why did I go against my own system then?  Why did I move forward with something that’s uncertain?  Why did I dare to dream?   

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