Day 27


Today has been a long time coming.  It usually doesn’t take this long but times are weird, and decisions are weird, so it took forever.  And the amount of time did weigh heavy on me.  Boy did it ever.  It was a blessing, even for a handful of hours.  It’s both funny and sad that the things that you do not worry or think about the things that are revolving around you because you deem them to be a given.  When you’re out of your routine, that’s when those things become important enough to pay them attention.

It was good while it lasted, but it didn’t last long enough.  It never does, but that’s not something I can change.  It is not easy to please someone at any time, much less someone in that age bracket where one moment it’s fun and games and the next it’s doom and gloom.  Most times that’s grounds for many an eye-roll, but today…  today it was a very sweet and welcome distraction from the new norm that has its steep ups and downs.  

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