Day 26

On the Edge

Being on the edge is always nerve wracking whether that is the edge of great things, or great danger.  It’s one of very few descriptors that makes the heart race for both good and bad.  That’s where the excitement is at its peak and gets the heart pumping. It’s that moment before jumping out of a perfectly safe plane, or that split second when you’re trying to avoid a car that lost control next to you.  The moment the adrenaline washes over you.

You’d think that, by its definition alone, being on the edge is a one-time thing and it usually is.  Once you are on the edge, you either stop, or teeter over the edge.  And that’s what makes the blood pump.  But imagine… just imagine that feeling over and over again.  Sounds a lot like torture, but it also sounds a lot like…. fun.      

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