Day 25


Not every celebration needs a reason for it.  Sometimes you want to let loose and celebrate just because.  This one celebration was very important though.  Not for me…. not yet.  Hopefully soon, though, it will be very very important.  Only time will tell when it comes to that.  For now, I was glad to be a part of it because this means a lot to me.  A lot of people have become very dear to me because they’re there for me and that’s hard to find. There was cake and there were sweets and drinks aplenty, but that was not the important part. 

There was talking and laughing and joking… and that all was very heartwarming, and that was close to the important part, but not exactly.  The important part was camaraderie and you can go ahead and laugh about that.  When someone thanks you for being a part of their own celebration, it makes you feel like you belong.  Yes… that.     

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