Day 24

Competition and Completion

I guess I could get used to this thing of calling myself a writer.  That would not be a sentence I would have thought I’d type a few weeks ago.  I always liked writing.  Some short stories, some poetry.  It was always a part of me, but it was a secret part.  It stayed a secret for many, many years.  But now that it’s all in the open, I don’t want to contain it anymore.  I’m going all in and calling myself a writer. Who but a writer would jump on a writing contest with wild abandon? 

Who but a writer would wake up in the morning with an idea in their head and the thirst to flesh out the that idea with words?  In a contest setting as well.  That was not the me of a few weeks ago, but it was today.  I read the contest rules and the very next day I was ready to produce.  And I did.  Before I was warming up food for lunch, my story was done and submitted.     

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