Day 23

Tug o’ War Fun

Sometimes it’s nice to just play and have fun.  It’s nice to relax, have a laugh, and enjoy the company of like-minded people.  It is also nice to be the center of attention without even realizing it or even better, wanting it.  It’s not a feeling that I’ve felt often, so I will put humility aside for a bit and enjoy it… even revel in it.  I’m sure you’ll allow me this small indulgence.  Actually, I will not even ask permission and enjoy the boon.

I still have no idea who and what started things.  Come to think of It, I don’t even know how far back it goes.  Was it something funny?  Something kind?  A look?  A laugh?  In the end, it doesn’t really matter because it’s the effect that counts, and not the cause.  So here I am, the little piece of cloth in the middle of the rope, getting tugged to and fro with one playful jib after another and another.  And it feels good, and I laugh.     

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