Day 22

Feed me Music

You can’t blame me, for wanting to stay high on this wave for as long as I can.  After one hellish start to this week, the ship has finally righted itself and there’s progress again, and that’s a marvelous thing.  Sometimes, there needs to be effort there.  I have to really push myself in order to get started.  My writing is often like that because it is still new to me and how I allocate my time in my life.  Music…. that is automatic.

Yeah, yeah yeah….  I know this is nothing new to anybody.  How music can soothe the wild beast and all that jazz.  It is natural to me when I hop on my station and play music for people and they respond.  It’s something magical and it energizes me to no end.  I get to dance in my chair and help others feel good and smile.  No better feeling in the world.    

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