Day 20

Chaos can be Sweet

Finally!  A day where the creative juices were flowing for the first time in a long time for me.  My words are always there, but these last few days they’ve been nothing but a jumbled mess in my mind’s eye.  Like sifting through a box full of refrigerator magnet words trying to find the right one to fit a puzzle. 

Today was different and it a was a breath of fresh air.  I felt like screaming…  and so I did just that.  Both physically and metaphorically and not only did it feel good, but a promise was kept to someone that reached out in a positive note.  It was good, and unexpected, and I promised them some screaming.  And it fit…. The screaming fit so, so well.  That even surprised me and made me giggle with excitement.  That was epic, and I loved it.  It was like reaching out and picking out the golden apple and tasting it’s juice with no fear.       

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