Day 2

Blessed Be

The slap still stings, but it woke me up.  Woke me up to the fact that I’ve been asleep for so long, I even lost my physical sleep.  It was a strange sensation, this.  No tiredness, no cobwebs, no wariness.  There was elation, and there was joy.  And there was hunger too.   Too many ideas, too little time; too much to process at once.  The muse I had abandoned years ago decided to pay me a visit again… with a big heavy club in tow. 

There was no way for me to keep that all in.  I smiled, and I thought, and the I tried to sleep…  only to think and smile some more and repeat the circle yet again and again until the sun came up.  The day came and went in a blur.  The talks, the hopes, the ideas, all of it a jumble in my mind.  And then a moment of sadness conquered me.  I had been here before a handful of times and I had abandoned my muse EVERY time.   But not this one. The chaos that is within me will submit.  There will be order.  Strength for slaying Death. 

MELPOMENE — Greek Goddess Muse of Tragedy

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