Day 15

Lesson and Inspiration

When I am brought to work on and study on things that I already know, it’s tough for me.  Not because I don’t like it, but my concentration is not usually there.  It’s not something I do on purpose, but….  I get bored.  And when I get bored…. That’s when trouble usually starts.  I’m a magnet for it, trust me.  This time my boredom led to inspiration and that is always better than getting in some kind of trouble.

The words came easy to me, even with soooo many distractions around me.  I didn’t expect this to be so easy.  The work itself, time for miscellaneous other projects excluded, took about half an hour.  I’m never that quick to write an Ode.  I read and reread and reread looking for errors that weren’t there.  Eventually, I gave up and posted what I had with a slight cringe.  That is always the hardest part for me.  Will there be silence?  Joy?  Acceptance?  Anger?  Surprise?  I can never expect the result.  This time it was Victory…     

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