Day 10

Promises Kept

I thought, and I pondered, and I surmised, and I guessed, and finally, I conceded, and I agreed and I relented, and I approved.  It was meant to be, some will say…  It was destiny.  Very fitting and natural, and a good idea.  But is it, really?  Nothing in this is destiny, because nothing in this is a sure thing.  I can create… and I can hope.

The effort was minimal to be honest.  One I started, I just kept going until I was done.  My only stops were to familiarize myself to the nomenclature.  Yes, I know that’s from Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”, and it belongs.  I put it all in there.  Mystery, comedy, drama….  Even a bit of action.  You try riding a panther and tell me it’s not dangerous.    

Dionysus riding panther, Greek mosaic from Pella C4th B.C., Pella Archaeological Museum

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