Day 1

Bittersweet Returns

My forefathers used to say that you can learn a trade and leave it be, and if you hunger take it back up.  That saying is meant to be literal.  If you learn a trade and things don’t go as planned, you can pick it back up and use it to make a living.  My hunger is of a different kind.  My hunger is for the trade I left behind years ago.  Granted, the “trade” is not something I pursued in order to feed myself.  If anything, this trade was food for me in a different way.  A more spiritual way.  And now I hunger for it, no….  I starve for it.

Another thing my forefathers used to say was that every beginning is hard.  This one is torture.  Hard to know when and how to start when it’s been so long.  Hard to know where to start where there’s so much you want to say.  Hard to know where to start when you don’t know *what* to say.  Hard to know when…..   to start.  But….  I have started, haven’t I?  Is this not the start?  The push?  The nudge that I needed came yesterday.  Or was it a slap in the face?  Either way, it worked.

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